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Started from The Lot now we're here...

ComfortLA started as a late-night, pop-up restaurant taking a clean approach to soul food. We use locally sourced, fresh and organic ingredients and healthier cooking methods to create top-notch, Southern cuisine including " Cousin Kina's Mac ‘n’ Cheese," Clean Mean Greens" and our signature "Organic Not Your Average Fried Chicken" with “That Sauce.” ComfortLA offers a welcoming, laid-back ambiance bringing island vibes and Midwest hospitality to Downtown Los Angeles.

ComfortLA is the brainchild of actor-turned-chef Jeremy McBryde and Business Strategist Mark E. Walker, and is all about building community. A part of our culture is serving "That Action," a way in which we interact with you that is warm, welcoming and family familiar. It's the feeling of being at your favorite relatives house for dinner.


We are an electric mix of the downtown family, loft dwellers, pimps, hustlers, international travelers, students, artists, adventurers, bankers, entrepreneurs and entertainers holding down the spot.


Thank you for your suppport! 

- Jeremy & Mark

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213-537-0844 (DTLA)

434-702-5138 (Inglewood)

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